Air source heat pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump is an external floor standing unit ranging from the size of a small fridge upwards, depending on the heat requirement or the property.

A new house will require a lower output heat pump as the house is built to current building regulations and will therefore have very good insulation. An older, less insulated house will require a much larger heat source. An older house that has good loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, double glazing etc will somewhere between the two.

As the unit runs for longer periods than a traditional boiler its output temperature is lower. A boiler might be timed to come on twice a day for a total of 7 hours. An Air Source Heat Pump may run for 18 hours a day but at a lower constant temperature. 

This free heat is taken from the air, just as a fridge extracts the warmth from inside the fridge and vents it at the back of the fridge. An Air Source Heat Pump extracts the warmth from the air and transfers it to the water that goes through your radiators. As a result, the outdoor unit expels very cold air that has had the heat extracted from it.

We supply and install units that are a direct replacement for your boiler. They require minimal pipe work and no replacement of the hot water cylinder.

All these solutions are well suited to new build homes and houses that have no mains gas and have relied on an oil boiler for their heating.